How to Reauthorize your LinkedIn Account Credentials

Follow these Steps to Reauthorize your LinkedIn account and associate it with a LinkedIn Business page. This is a required process with recent changes to how we access LinkedIn Account details. 

Note: Only authorized LinkedIn Company Page Administrators can authorize gShift access. Click here to learn how to add an Administrator to your LinkedIn page.

To authorize gShift access: 

  1. Go to gShift and Navigate to the Web Presence you would like to add a LinkedIn page too.
  2. Click Manage from the Top Navigation. 
  3. Click LinkedIn from the Left Navigation. 
  4. Click Reauthorize under the accounts that are currently active in gShift.
  5. Login to your LinkedIn Page (If you are logged in this step will not show up)

  6. Click Allow Access to Authorize sharing data with gShift.
  7. You have now updated the access token to your LinkedIn Account and we can collect data again.


How to Verify Access is Granted:

  1. Select the LinkedIn Account Owner from the dropdown under the Business page. If correct permissions in place a Success message will show up.

  2. If the person selected is not an Administrator on the account a red bar will appear noting he/she does not have the permissions required.

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