Choosing Effective Social Keywords

gShift allows you to follow Social Keywords to report on their frequency, content shared, influencers and related terms. However not every keyword is a good fit as a Social Keyword. Here are some key things to consider when choosing a Social Keyword:

Long Tail vs Short Tail Keywords

When choosing keywords for Social Engines try to stick to keywords between 2-4 words. Ex. Maple Trees or Canadian Maple Trees instead of Trees. If your keywords are too long (5+ words) then it will be too specific Ex. Canadian Maple Trees in BC. If your keywords are too broad (1 word) then you will have too many results and find it difficult to find relevant data from reports. Ex. Trees

Hashtag or No Hashtag that is the question

When entering a Social Keyword into gShift you do not need to add a # (Hashtag) before it. The results will be the same with or without a hashtag. Ex. Brand instead of #Brand

Generic Words vs Branded Keywords

When selecting keywords for Social Engines consider adding both Generic and Branded Keywords to get a good pulse on your audience. Generic keywords are broad terms that cover your product or service in a general way. Branded keywords are terms directly related to your Brand's product and services.  Ex. A Plumber could follow Plumbing or Bert's Plumbing

Beware of High Volume Keywords

Be careful of High Volume Keywords. Keywords with High Volume will be suspended as they take up too many resources. These keywords are usually really broad words and commonly used on Social networks. Ex. Selfie. This term would collect for the first few days then it would hit a cap and no new data would be collected for the balance of the month. 

Take Caution with Trending Keywords

When selecting social keywords avoid trending keywords as they could be high volume and will very likely be suspended. Trending keywords often appear in a panel within the social network you are following. Ex. #FIFA


How Many Keywords Should I Follow

Every Client is different and the needs will vary depending on size and their business goals. Be sure to speak with your sales representative to help determine how many keywords you require for your account. You can change keywords at any time through the management panel for your account. 

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