How to make Majestic Backlink Data the Primary Source for Reports

Throughout gShift we display Backlink information. We allow our clients to define where this data is pulled from. There are three sources for backlinks: 

  • Verified Backlinks - All Backlinks are checked to verify they still exist.
  • Unverified Backlinks - All Backlinks appear. Expired backlinks included.
  • Majestic - Majestic Backlink metrics appear instead of Verified or Unverified Backlinks. 

How to Change the Default to Majestic:

  1. Navigate in gShift to the Web Presence you would like to change
  2. Click Manage in the top navigation
  3. Click Backlinks in the Sub Navigation 
  4. Click Choose under Majestic to select it as the primary source for Backlinks. 
  5. That's it you're done! Navigate through gShift to see the change. 

Note: Reports will need to be recreated to be updated with the new primary Backlink source. 

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