How to Change Roles

Roles are a set of Permissions assigned to Users. Users with Administrator Roles, have the ability to Add and Delete other Roles assigned to Users. 

Follow these steps to Add or Delete Roles to a User:

  1. Log into gShift.
  2. Navigate to the Agency, Client or Web Presence where the User you want to edit exists. 
  3. Select the User you would like to edit and click his/her email address to get into the Settings area.
  4. Click Add a Role to the User to Change his/her Permissions.
  5. Select and click on the New Role, then click on .
  6. Delete a Role, if necessary, by clicking on the  icon.

Note: Users must have a Role and can have more than one role. Keep in mind Permissions within a Role set to "Inherit" will assume the settings of the Role above. If there is no Role above then the setting will default to "Off". 

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