How to Compare Time Periods in Reports

When creating reports it is easy to compare time periods to see how your web presence is doing in comparison to a historic time period. 

To create a Comparison report follow the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Reports
  2. Select the Report Type you would like to create. (All reports are comparable except for the Keyword Ranking History Report)
  3. Select the Time Period (Current or First time Period) 
  4. Select the Comparision Time Period (Time period you want to compare to. Should be before the Time Period. Ex. Select February if Time Period is March.)
  5. Select the other Report options
  6. Click Run Now

Screenshot of the Web Presence Report with Comparision Turned on:

Comparison options:

  • Month over Month
  • Quarter over Quarter
  • Year over Year
  • Last 7 days vs 1 Week Ago
  • 1 Week Ago vs 2 Weeks ago
  • Last 30 Days vs Month
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