How to Add Beacons to your Dashboard

Follow these Steps to Add a Beacon to your Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard that you would like to add the Beacon(s) to. 
    • Navigate to the Dashboards via the Navigation label at the level you would like to access (Agency, Client, Presence)
    • Click the Dashboard Library Button from the Beacon Library 
  2. Click the Add Beacon Button 
  3. Select the Created Beacon you would like to add or Alternatively Add a New Beacon.
    • To Create a New Beacon from this Screen:
      • Click Create a New Beacon
      • Select the Beacon Type you would like to use
      • Fill in the fields for the Beacon Type you created
      • Click Create Beacon
  4. Once you have created or selected a beacon it will be added to the dashboard. 
  5. Now you can do the following:
    • Move it (Click Yellow Icon in the top right and then Drag and Drop it to where you want it to be positioned) 
    • Resize it (Click the ┘in the bottom right and drag it to resize it. Note that your cursor will change when in position to resize it) 
    • Edit it (Click the Blue Edit Icon in the Beacon. This will take you to edit screen where you can change options and save your changes) 
    • Delete it (Click the Red Trash Can Icon in the Beacon. This will instantly Delete the Beacon from the Dashboard) 

Any changes you make to your Dashboard are saved instantly. 

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