Channels Breakdown Beacon


The Channels Breakdown provides you an overview of traffic and goals by channel. Provides you a clear overview to determine what channel are providing the most traffic and the quality of that traffic. Add this Beacon to your Dashboard to provide a quick overview of the metrics that matter most to your web presence.



Follow the Steps below to add the Channels Breakdown Beacon to a Dashboard:

  1. Login to gShift and navigate to the Dashboard you would like to add the Beacon to.
  2. Click the Add Beacon button.
  3. Click the Create and Configure Beacon button.
  4. Select Channels Breakdown from the Beacon list.
  5. Enter a Name (Displayed in the Beacon Library and the Beacon Info Section).
  6. Enter a Title (Displayed in the Dashboard).
  7. Enter a Description (Displayed in the Beacon Library and the Beacon Info Section).
  8. Select a Date Range to report on.
  9. Select a Web Presence to report on.
  10. Select a Website to report on.
  11. Optional - Check the Template Box if you would like to make the Beacon a Template for use in other Dashboards. 

Screenshot of Configure Screen:


  • Capture a Screenshot of the Beacon via the Camera icon in the top right

Now What

  • If No conversions or low conversions verify that you have conversions set up correctly on your website and Google Analytics. If you do not have conversions set up consider creating some.
  • Look at Average Time on Site, Average Pages per Session and Bounce Rate to help determine the quality of traffic each channel is driving to your site.
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