Keyword Kluster Visibility Beacon


This beacon allows you to display the visibility of Keyword Klusters over a period of time and allows you to compare performance between klusters in the search engine of your choice. 



Follow these Steps to add the Keyword Kluster Visibility Beacon to your Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard you would like to add the Beacon to.
  2. Select the Add Beacon Icon.
  3. Choose Create New Beacon.
  4. Select Kluster Keyword Visibility as the Beacon Type. 
  5. Enter the Name. (This is what appears in the Beacon Library)
  6. Enter a Title (This is what appears on the Beacon in the Dashboard)
  7. Choose a Date Range (This is the period of time that determines what data is reported in the Beacon)
  8. Choose a Web Site to report on:
    • Select a Client
    • Select a Web Presence
    • Select a Web Site
  9. Choose a Search Engine to determine the Visibility Score for.
  10. Choose Klusters to report on within the Beacon. 
  11. Choose a Chart Type that you would like to see the Data displayed in
    • Line Graph
    • Pie Graph
  12. Click Create Beacon to add it to your Dashboard. 

Screenshot of the Configure Keyword Kluster Visibility Beacon Panel:


  • Hover over data points on the Graph for details.
  • Click and Drag between two data points to Zoom in. Click Reset Zoom to Zoom out.

Now What

  • Identify positive trends and review keyword positions to identify keywords that had the biggest growth.
  • Identify negative trends and review keyword positions to identify keywords that had the biggest impact on the visibility. 
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