How to Create a Client Dashboard

Follow these steps to create a Dashboard at the Client level:

  1. Login to gShift via your access URL
  2. Click on the Client you would like to create a dashboard for
  3. Click Dashboards from the main Navigation
  4. Click the New Dashboard Button
  5. Enter a Name for your new dashboard
  6. Click Create Dashboard to create your new Client Dashboard
  7. Your new Client Dashboard is now created.

Navigating your New Dashboard:

  •  Add Beacon Button: Allows you to create or add beacons you have already created. 
  •  Edit Beacon Button: Allows you to Edit, Move, Resize or Delete Beacons within your Dashboard. 
  •  Beacon Listing Button: Takes you to the Beacon Library where you can view and search through all created Beacons and create new ones. 
  •  Dashboard Listing Button: Takes you to the listing page for your Agency dashboards. 
  •  Full-Screen Button: Removes the header and provides you a full view of the dashboard. 
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