How to Exclude Off-Site Content in Summary Data

gShift enable Agencies and Brand Marketers to report on overall Web presence. This includes External Content. Sometimes External Content may have higher than normal page signals, backlinks or traffic, which can cause inflated metrics for the overall Web Presence. Each organization should understand and determine whether or not they want to include these metrics in their analysis.

Note: By Default all Web Presences "Include Off-Site pages in their Summary data."

External Content contribute the following metrics:

  • Referral Traffic
  • Page Signals
  • Backlinks

To exclude External Content (Off-Site Pages) from the summary data within gShift do the following:

  1. Click Manage in the Header.
  2. Click Settings in the Sub-Menu.
  3. Uncheck the box titled "Include Off-Site Pages in Summary Data"

  4. Click Update Web Presence to save your changes.


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