How to Validate your Keyword Positions in from Canada?

1. Open an Incognito Browser Ex. Google Chrome or Firefox.

2. Go to 

3. You will be redirected back to Click go to in the bottom right. 

4. You will now be taken to Enter the keyword you would like to check. 

5. Scroll to the bottom of the search results to validate where Google is reporting your location is. Should say United States or Unknown.  

6. Open up gShift and look at the search position we reported and count the positions to verify. The search results shown in Google are equivalent to the search engine Google USA in gShift. 


This is the best way to validate search positions from Canada. We report search results on a daily basis.

The instructions above allow you to check National results for Google USA, In order to validate Local results within Google USA you would need to change your browsers IP address via a proxy. We do not provide instructions on how to do this but this information is readily available online.

Please note for Mobile results you need to use a mobile device in the location specified and search via Google’s website in the browser. 

Note: Search positions change throughout the day so positions reported in our software may be slightly different than live results. If you notice a large variance it is likely that keyword is highly volatile and could rank again the next day. Read this article that explains the reason rankings may be different than what you see. If you see a pattern or have any concerns and would like us to investigate it further, please contact support. 

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