Social Section - Web Presence Report

This section provides a breakdown of Network and Page social signals by network. Simply check the box for the options you would like to report on in the Web Presence Report. 

Note: For Social Metrics you need to authorize the respected social accounts to be able to report on that date. 

Read below for an explanation of each option:

  • Social Signals and Analytics - This option displays the Page Signals from the networks selected below. It also shows you the Sessions, Bounce Rate and Conversions from Google Analytics for the networks selected. 
  • Social Metrics - This option displays network specific metrics from the selected networks below. Social accounts need to be authorized for reporting. 
  • Networks 
    • Facebook - Page Likes, Posts, Post Likes, Post comments, Post Shares, Shares and Analytics
    • Twitter - Mentions, Tweets, Retweets, Followers, Shares and Analytics
    • Google+ - +1's, Reshares, Posts, Shares and Analytics
    • LinkedIn - Followers, Shares, and Analytics
    • YouTube - Analytics, Video Views, and Channel Views
    • Pinterest - Shares and Analytics only. No Social Metrics at this time. 

Example of the Social Section:

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