What is a Keyword Kluster?

A Keyword Kluster enables you to logically group together keywords together for organized and comparative views within dashboards and reports. For example, you may want to compare how a group of keywords related to Product A is performing relative to a group related to Product B.

We also highly recommend creating a kluster of "focus or primary" keywords, which are your most important keywords and/or those you wish to monitor most closely. Having them in a kluster will enable you to create Beacons focused specifically on the group.

A kluster can be formed based on several group types including, but not limited to:

  • Product or Service Lines
  • Campaign Names
  • Synonyms
  • Long Tail Variations of a Root Keyword
  • Time Periods
  • Industries

Klusters are completely customizable to suit your business' needs. If you are not sure where to start, consider grouping your keywords based on your website's architecture and creating klusters based on this hierarchy. 

Keyword Klusters are used with a number of Beacons to allow you to focus in on specific keywords.

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