Twitter - Frequency Panel

This is the default view when you click on a keyword from the social keywords Section for a keyword that is followed in Twitter. 

This section graphically displays how many exact match Tweets & Influencers were discovered over the time period specified in the top right. It also gives you a summary on the right for:

  • Tweets (Exact & Broad Match)
  • Influencers (Exact & Broad Match)
  • Associated Terms (Exact & Broad Match)
  • Hashtags (Exact & Broad Match)
  • Content (Exact & Broad Match)

The difference between Exact and Broad match:

Exact: Must match the provided keyword as it is written ex. "Your Keyword" will only match if "Your Keyword" is written in the tweet. 

Broad Match: Will match with variations of your keyword within a tweet. ex. "Your Keyword" may match with a tweet that has "Your" time is right for this "Keyword". So it could has other keywords between them or have the keywords in a different order as long as the all of the words are in the tweet, it will match it. 

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