getSEOLeads Explained

This is a premium paid feature for Agencies. Contact gShift Sales if you would like to find out more and use this feature. 

getSEOLeads™ is a lead generation web form widget, which integrates with your website and gShift’s SEO Report Server. getSEOLeads is intended to help you attract qualified prospects for SEO services.

Once getSEOLeads is installed on your website and activated with gShift’s servers, your website visitors and prospects will obtain an SEO Report branded with your company logo. getSEOLeads can be installed on any website.

Below is a screen shot of a sample SEO report, the lead generation web form and the inbound leads captured and displayer in gShift.

Your account comes with 2 test Report Credits. One for you to activate your account and another to send through a test submission.

There are four steps to getting started with getSEOLeads, which should take approximately an hour of your time. The steps are:

  1. Configure your account by clicking on the Get Started button.
  2. Copy the web form code provide by gShift to a new web page on your website.
  3. Test the web form on your website to activate your account with gShift's SEO Report Server.
  4. Buy SEO Report Credits. Report credits are purchased in advance. An SEO report credit is used every time a prospect submits a request for an SEO Report.

1. Your Form

2. Your Leads

3. Sample SEO Report

Now you're ready to start receiving SEO services leads.
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