Customizing your Agency Account

There are several custom branding options available to make your Agency account unique for your staff and clients who you may choose to give access or to whom you may be sending reports. Below you will find a list of the options you can customize and a brief explanation of them. 

Web Application

  • gShift Branding: In this section you can control whether or not the Copyright notice appears, Terms of Service shows up and a link to the Getting Started Guide is available.
  • Logos: In this section you can customize the logos used within the header and the login page of the app.
  • Theme: In this section you can choose what shade of the header you prefer Dark or Light. Also customize the main colour used throughout the app by choosing a Branding Color.  
  • Support: In this section you can customize how your agency provides support for the app. Decide if you want clients to contact gShift for support or go directly to you. 
  • Account Managers: Define who are the account managers within your agency in this section. This feature allows clients to see their account manager when they are logged in along with their email address so they can easily be contacted if any questions arise. 
  • Footer: In this section you can customize the footer of the app and add your own content. Whether you want to add links or text here is the perfect spot to do so. 
  • Title Tag: Want to customize the name of the app within your client’s browser? This is the section you can define a custom meta title. 


  • Logos: Here you can upload your own custom logo that will be used on all reports send out. 
  • Branding: Here you can control the branding options within the report such as gShift graphic used in the footer, Client Branding, Custom Report Fonts. 


  • Settings: In this section you control how emails are sent out. Including the general email that all notifications are sent out from and which email sends out the reports. Be sure to customize this section to avoid lost communication with you clients. 
  • Logos: Here you can upload a custom header (Recommended size: Up to 500px wide by 250px high)
  • Welcome Template: Here you can control what the Welcome email says that is sent out to new users. You can customize the subject line along with the body of the email with custom variables such as their name. 
  • Forgot Password Template: Here you can control what the Forgot Password Template says along with the subject line. 
  • Scheduled Report Template: Here you can control what the Scheduled Reports email say. gShift recommend adding your support email and training links in here so clients can contact you directly with any questions they may have. 

This concludes the options you have to customize as an Agency. 

Please note that some of these features are premium and only available to White Labelled clients.Contact Sales to find out if your account qualifies and to learn more.  

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