December 2013 Software Update

2013 has been a fantastic year at gShift Labs. We have added numerous new data points to our product to help you with your clients SEO, social and content marketing reporting.  These features included more design controls within our reporting engine, to adding the ability to accurately report city level local search results! 

It was also an active year in search marketing. Google gave us many search algorithm updates that included new versions of Panda, Penguin and in September, Google released Hummingbird.

There is so much more to cover in 2014. We are very excited to be working with leading edge digital marketing teams from around the world.  We look forward to continuing to drive success and search reporting for your clients. 

The conversations that we are having with all of you matter.  We have listened to your product feature requests and we look forward to an active release year.  

Social, Mobile and Local will be very important with content marketing and ultimately getting your clients more search and social visibility. Many of our new features will be grouped in these categories, along with traditional SEO fundamentals. 

Thank you,

Chris Adams

Co-founder & CTO

Product Updates

Press Release: gShift’s gMobile Module Unlocks Insights for Content Marketing Performance
gShift, the leader in web presence analytics, today announced its new gMobile(TM) module, providing content marketers with unprecedented insight into data that informs how a brand’s content is being discovered in search from a mobile device.

Note: Mobile search rankings are limited to as this time.  In Q1 of 2014, we will start rolling out Mobile support to the other countries that we are currently supporting with our Local rankings.

Local Search Ranking Country Support

We started supporting Google Ireland and France in the month of December.  Ask your agency client success manager for more information on the next countries we will be supporting and how we can help you.  This feature was adopted very quickly for monitoring brand/franchise type relationships.  Where the brand wants to have search discoverability at the country level and they want their individual local web sites found in each region/city.

What’s Coming In The New Year

We have the following features ready to be released in January:

Google Webmaster Tools Connection:  Once you connect your GWT account with gShift we will begin to pull in any crawl or site errors, keywords associated to your web site and keyword impression and search volume information. This way, you are not logging into multiple reporting dashboards. You have the comfort of alerting the right people if there are any crawling or site issues.

Not Provided: We have this feature running in the background of all of your client accounts and have been uncovering page level not provided data.  This data will be shown at the content/web page level and will accurately uncover your clients hidden keywords based on how well that web page is ranking in Google. 

Rich Social Data & Content Marketing Research: We will be releasing our Twitter module that we have been working on for months. This feature will allow you to learn about related keyword phrases around your content marketing efforts, uncover key influencers, hashtags and content.  Content research can provide you with ideas for your own content development and to also comment on top performing blogs to increase your clients’ brand visibility. 

Keyword Research: We are continuing to bring more and more content marketing and keyword research to you.  We will be adding related searches from Bing and Keyword Research from Bing so that you can have a full spectrum of keyword ideas from both Google and Bing. 

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