February 2014 Software Update

Web Presence Reporting is one of the most important features in the Web Presence Optimization process. 

gShift is continuously investing in new features and controls to allow you to showcase metrics in your own customizable way. Our latest reporting options include:

  • Keyword KlustersTM
  • Competition and Social Selection
  • Google Country Level Search Volume with Keywords

I have described each item below in more detail.  Look for more innovation and communications this month!

Thank you,

Chris Adams

Co-founder & CTO

Product Updates

1. Keyword Klusters TM

For mid-sized to large web presences with hundreds of keywords, it is now easier to manage and report on those keywords by organizing them into logical groups called Klusters. Once this is done, you can view your keyword positions by Kluster. 

Examples of Klusters are similar keywords around a term such as “Condos” or “Townhomes”. Or they can be created around “Branded Keywords” and “Unbranded Keywords” or even keywords in the groupings of “Important Keywords”, “Awareness Keywords” or “Being Worked on”.

Klusters can be used in Reports so you can now create multiple reports for different people in the organization. 

Klusters are available as an additional workflow feature, contact sales or support to inquire.  Kluster management can be found here (See  screenshots).

Will you be providing high level metrics for Klusters so that we can compare Kluster Keyword visibility, number of keywords ranking, etc?  Yes, in phase two of this feature, we will working to put metrics at the Kluster level. 



2. Competition and Social Selection

Now within your SEO Report, you can select the Competitor you wish to compare the web presence to. 

Also now within your SEO Report, you can select to turn on/off individual social accounts. This is ideal if a web presence is not using Facebook or LinkedIn for example.

It is easy to change when you are creating your reports (see screenshots).


3. Google Country Level Search Volume

In the SEO report, as an option, you can select to show the keyword monthly search volume from Google.

Finally, we felt that we should show you this latest statistic from SEMPO/eConsultancy on the State of Search. The findings: “SEO is Integrated into Everything Digital.”

Contact for more information on how we can help you achieve the ranking metrics that you require for your clients. 

Feature ideas?  We want to hear them. Please send them to 

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