How to Authorize Google Analytics

Learn how to authorize access to Google Analytics the right way. Watch this short video and learn how to set up Google Analytics within your gShift Web Presence. 

By authorizing Google Analytics to your account you will be able to gain insights into traffic, page views, conversions, bounce rate by channel (i.e. Organic Search, Paid Search, Social, Direct, Referral, Email, Other) as well as keywords driving traffic and conversions through our data panels and reports. 

Quick steps to authorize your account:

  1. Click Configure in the header of the Web Presence.
  2. Click on the Yellow label titled “Google Analytics Not Setup” or the thumbnail or name of the domain to get to the Web Presence setting section.
  3. Click on the button Add New GA email. 
  4. Accept permissions to share offline access to your Google Analytics account
  5. Select the Account and Profile you would like to report on. 
  6. Click Save and you’re done. 

gShift will now collect the last 30 days of data from your Google Analytics profile. This data will be made available to review and report on within 24-48 hours. Email if this is not the case.


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