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FAQs for getSEOLeads™

  1. How long does it take to set up getSEOLeads on my website?

    From start to finish, it should take about one hour to set up the web form, format it, and activate your account with gShift’s Report Server.

  2. Does the web form work on all websites?

    The HTML code supplied for the web form is intended to work on all websites. You can change anything except the names of the form fields. Do not change the names of the form fields and especially do not change the name of the hidden input field that contains your unique identifier.

    Note: We have experienced issues with implementing the web form on some websites that have been built in DotNetNuke due to how the sites are structured. See Q&A #3 for more information on how to install the getSEOLeads web form on a DotNetNuke powered website.

  3. My site is built in DotNetNuke, How do I add getSEOleads?

    If your website is build on DotNetNuke (DNN) then you will have to follow these steps to activate the web form on your website:

      1. Remove the <form></form> tags from the form code.
      2. Add this code to the submit button:

        onClick="this.form.action='https://www.yourURLhere'; this.form.submit();"

      3. Paste the remainder of the getSEOLeads from code into your HTML.
      4. More documentation for this approach can be found here.
  4. When I generate a lead from my website, how long will it take to obtain the SEO Report?

    Once your prospect requests their SEO Report it is instantly put into the Report Server queue. Under normal circumstances with consistent volume, you should expect to obtain your prospect’s SEO Report within 5 minutes.

  5. What happens when I run out of Report Credits and a prospect requests an SEO Report? Will I lose my lead?

    No. If you run out of Report Credits and a prospect submits a request for an SEO Report, the system will notify you that you are out of credits and that you should buy more. gShift will hold the report for processing until more Report Credits have been purchased.

  6. What happens if the same prospect keeps requesting an SEO Report?

    If a visitor to your website has already requested an SEO Report, we notify you that there is a duplicate request. You then have the ability to process the SEO Report or ignore the request.

  7. What if there is a problem with the data in the prospect’s SEO Report?

    If you notice a problem with the data in the prospect’s SEO Report, simply email The gShift team will investigate and provide you with a replacement credit.

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