Top Discovered Content Beacon


The Top Discovered Content Beacon displays content that gShift discovered through rankings, backlinks or analytics. Add this Beacon to discover new content to follow within gShift from your Dashboard.



Follow these Steps to Add the Top Discovered Content Beacon to your Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard you would like to add the Beacon to.
  2. Select the Add Beacon Icon.
  3. Choose Create New Beacon.
  4. Select Top Discovered Content as the Beacon Type. 
  5. Enter the Name. (This is what appears in the Beacon Library)
  6. Enter a Title (This is what appears on the Beacon in the Dashboard)
  7. Choose a Date Range (This is the period of time that determines what data is reported in the Beacon)
  8. Choose a Web Site to report on:
    • Select a Client
    • Select a Web Presence
    • Select a Web Site
  9. Choose a Search Engine to discover content from the Keyword Positions.
  10. Choose What type of Content you would like to Discover content from via the Content Type dropdown. 
  11. Click Create Beacon to add the Top Discovered Content Beacon to the Dashboard.

Screenshot of the Add Top Discovered Content Beacon Panel:


  • Click column headings to sort the content from high to low or low to high. 
  • Content is Paginated use the page numbers and arrows to navigate between pages. 
  • Click the link icon to visit the page. 

Now What

  • Select relative content and follow them as on-site content.
  • Edit or Configure the Discovered Content Beacon to see different content by Content Type (Backlinks, Analytics or Positions)


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