Off-Site Content Categories Explained

The Categories used by Off-Site pages are used to help categorize content for reporting. Categories allow you to quickly see if different types of external content are performing better than others. Find a list of the different categories with a brief description:

  • Web Page:  This category is perfect for Web Presences with external landing pages, or general external pages that do not fall into categories below.
  • Press Release: This category is used for External content on News Wire sites. Use this category to highlight any press releases that you sent out.
  • Other Social: This category is used for Social pages outside of the social networks gShift supports. Ex. Instagram, Stumbleupon, etc...
  • Blog Post: This category is often used for guest blog posts. 
  • Local: This category is perfect for links and content on local websites like Yellow pages or Chamber of Commerce
  • Directory: This category is perfect for directories that are relative to your web presence. 
  • Video: This category is perfect for adding content from Daily Motion, Vimeo and other external video services.
  • Citation: This is perfect for external content that references your website or contact information. 
  • News Article: This category is often used for unsolicited news stories. Ex. Local news station or major online news source mentions your site. 
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