Activities Section - Web Presence Report

gShift allows you to report on all the activities that took place over a period of time. Whether you are an agency or a marketer, the activities section allows you to record activities with a log of the time it took to complete it. Recording activities in gShift allows you to report on the impact the optimization of your web presence.

This section allows you enable reporting on the activities within that time period. Check the box to enable reporting activities within the Web Presence report or deselect the box to disable it. Read below for a description of the options. 

  • Activities - This enables the entire activities section including a count of how many activities took place. 
  • Description - This adds the description to the activity logs within the web presence report.
  • Time - This adds any time recorded to each activity. 

Sample of an Activity in the Activities Section in the Web Presence Report:

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