Content Section - Web Presence Report

The content section holds a lot of important data for your report including Keyword Positions and Off-Site pPages. Read below for an explanation of each option within this section. Remember check the box to enable this option to display or uncheck the box to hide it. 

  • Keyword Position Distribution - This section will show you the Keyword Position Distribution for your default search engine. Great section to quickly determine how many positions you hold in the top 10, 11-30 and 31-50. 
    • All Keyword Distribution - This section shows you the Keyword Position Distribution for all Search Engines. Includes a summary of Keyword Positions in 1-10, 11-30 and 31-50.
  • Top Keyword Positions - Lists the Top Keyword Positions by three of the Search Engines of your choice in a table format. 
    • Include Keywords Not Found in the Top 50 - Will add keywords outside of the Top 50 to the table.
    • Exclude Paused Keywords - Will remove paused keywords from the table. 
    • Include Session and Conversion Data by Keyword - Will add a Session and Conversion column to the table. This data comes from Google Analytics and is limited due to Not Provided keyword data. 
    • Include Local Search Volume - Adds a Search Volume column to the table. Search Volume represents the Average Search Volume. 
  • Local Positions Summary - This is a summary of your map results within a Local Search Engine. Ex. Google - Toronto, ON
  • Off-Site Pages - This is a summary of your off-site pages' page signals, referral traffic and % of traffic. 

Screenshots of the sections below:

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