Metrics Overview Section - Web Presence Report

The Metrics Overview section provides you a summary of the metrics that matter the most to you. This data comes from Google Analytics. With that said it is important to authorize your Google Analytics account in gShift. 

Read a description of each option below:

  • Summary - Provides a section with a summary of: Sessions, Conversions, Backlinks, Page Social Signals and Network Social Signals
  • Google Analytics Overview - Provides a summary of the sessions, page views, Bounce Rate and Conversions for the websites attached to your web presence. Along with the summary, it provides graphs over the time period of Total Sessions and Total Conversions. Below the graphs, you will find the breakdown of the traffic by channels. This section is particularly useful to determine where your traffic is coming from. Next the pie chart is optional which displays the % of traffic by channel. Lastly, the mobile traffic section displays how much traffic comes from mobile devices to your website. 
    • Use Pie Chart for Web Site Metrics by Channel - This adds a Pie chart below the channel summary table. 
  • Google Analytics eCommerce - eCommerce must be enabled on your account for reporting on this metric along within Google Analytics. gShift will provide data such as transactions within a time period when this is enabled. 
  • Organic Site Traffic - This section provides an overview of all the organic traffic that came to your site in the time period specified. Metrics includes Sessions, Bounce Rate and Conversions
    • Not Provided Sessions - Gain insight to how much organic traffic comes from Google without any insights to the keywords users searched with to find your website. This number is pulled from Google Analytics. 
  • Top Referrals - Top 10 referrals from Google Analytics displayed with session data and list of domains. 
  • Top Cities Driving Traffic - Top 10 cities that are visiting your website. 
  • Page Level Reporting - This section enables reporting on a page level for the top performing pages. 
    • Top Pages by Page Views - This section shows you the top 10 viewed pages by page views. 
    • Top Pages by Entrances - This section shows you the top 10 pages that users entered your website on. 
  • Keyword Conversions and Recommendations - This section lists the top converting keywords and recommendations of new keywords to follow. 

Screenshots of the Metric Overview Sections:



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