How to View Completed Web Presence Reports

You have created a Web Presence Report with all the options you want. After you push create it will take you the view section where you can view completed reports.

However, perhaps you didn't just create a report and want to know how to get there. 

Follow these steps to view all complete web presence reports:

1. Navigate to the Web Presence Report on the Left side under Overview Reports in the navigation 

2. Click the View tab in the top sub-navigation beside Scheduled and Create and now you will see a full list of all the completed reports. 

Options to do on this view:

  • View the completed web presence reports in the following formats:
    • HTML - Online interface where you can add annotations and change labels
    • PDF - Download the report in the universal document format. 
    • DOCX - Download the report in the common Microsoft Word file format allowing you to edit or comment within Microsoft Word on the Report. 
  • Clone Reports - This is a useful feature to replicate a past report for a different time period. Please note that exactly the same reports will not re-run. 
  • Delete Reports - The trash can icon button allows you to delete created reports. This is a useful feature if you created a report with or without options you wanted. 

Sample Reports below.

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