How to Fix a Revoked Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics account access can be revoked by accident, on purpose or by Google.

Common reasons Google Analytics Account access is Revoked are:

  • Google revokes access because there are too many Accounts tied to a single Email. 
  • User revoked access from within Google Analytics
  • Technical difficulty within the access API causes the Account to be Revoked. 

Signs your Google Analytics Account is Revoked in gShift:

  • On the Configure Website Screen: 
  • On the Web Presence Selection Screen: 


Follow these steps to reauthorize your Google Analytics:

  1. Login to the Google Analytics account you would like to authorize.
  2. Navigate to gShift and enter your Web Presence's Data view. 
  3. Click Configure in the top Navigation.
  4. From this screen click on the text "Google Analytics Revoked".
  5. From this screen Click on Reauthorize. 
  6. You will be taken to Google to Authorize Access to gShift. Accept. 
  7. Then you will be taken back to gShift. Select the Account and Profile that are relative to the website you are editing. 
  8. Save and you are Done. 


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