Step 6 - Configuration Review

At this screen you are able to review and confirm all of the Web Presence information input from Steps 1-5. If everything looks ok, click on Create Web Presence and you're done.

At this point, you will have an opportunity to add additional items to your Web Presence including Social Accounts and Competitors (Recommended).

Note: Keyword Position data (depending on the Search Engines chosen) will begin to become available within 30 minutes. Google Analytics and other data generally requires 24-48 hours to be collected and displayed.

Email if you are not seeing data appear within these timeframes.

Recap of Getting Started:

Step 1 - Adding Web Presence Information

Step 2 - Adding a Website

Step 3 - Authorizing Google Analytics Access

Step 4 - Adding Search Engines

Step 5 - Adding Keywords

Step 6 - Configuration Review

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