Step 2 - Adding a Website

This is an important step where you add the website you want to report on to your Web Presence. 

Keep in mind the four options below may all be considered separate sites depending on how your domain and web server has been configured:

  1. HTTP vs HTTPS
  2. www. vs non-www.

Note: The best practice and gShift's recommendation is to have the non-www. version of your domain permanently (301) redirected to the www. version. The reverse is also acceptable if this has already been configured.

Ensure you put in the proper domain you would like to track. After you have entered the domain name click Verify.

gShift will crawl your domain/website, validate the address you have provided and display a screenshot to verify you've chosen the proper site. If the website maintains both www. and non-www. versions of the domain, gShift we will confirm to you which one you would like to track. 

Examples of Verification Screens, that you may see when verifying your website. Choose the version of the website domain you would like to monitor. 

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Step 2 - Adding a Website

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