Recommendations - What are they and How to set them up

Recommendations are predefined set of Activities that Agencies can configure for their clients. These Recommendations can be created to match your agencies services and the industries that you service. 

To create your own custom Recommendations follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Recommendations from the Agency Panel
  2. Click Web Presence Management
  3. Click Clone
  4. A new Set of Recommendations will now appear that you can edit, add to or delete. 
  5. Click the Little Icon beside the name to Rename the set of Recommendations
  6. Click the Green Icon to Save your change
  7. You can now select recommendations to Edit or Delete them. 
  8. You can also Add new Recommendations to this set by clicking Add Recommendation. 
  9. This set of recommendations can now be used throughout gShift by selecting Set as Default. 
  10. To apply these recommendations go to On-Site Pages - Recommendations in a Web presence. 
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