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Challenge: Hidden organic keyword phrase traffic is a real problem.  Both Google and now Yahoo! are hiding organic keywords. 

Insight into keyword phrases is a very important metric with your clients. Our algorithm looks at Not Provided traffic at the web page level and provides keyword insight.  

Using the following data:

  • page level ranking data
  • the ranking position click through rate
  • monthly search volume of your default search engine (as registered in gShift)
  • the page level Google Analytics data 

You need all four data points to be effective as you follow the correct keyword phrases. 

Use case: a new piece of content is written to perform for a few long tail keyword phrases. These phrases are followed in gShift.  When you view your page level data within gShift, Not Provided metrics will be displayed.

What can be uncovered?  If 100 visitors came to your new blog post via organic search traffic and that traffic is not provided, then gShift will identify  those keyword phrases. 

For example, if you are ranking #1 for a keyword phrase in Google, then we apply a click-through metric based on monthly search volume.  If that keyword has 100 searches per month, then we can assert visitors to that keyword because you are ranking #1. We still have additional unallocated not provided keywords in this example. If there was another keyword for the content that is ranking, then we look at that as well.

Location: On Site Pages > Page > Not Provided Insights

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