How is the Visibility Score calculated?

The total Click Through Rate (CTR) is calculated for each keyword in a selected kluster based on all of its positions in the selected search engines. gShift then calculates total combined visibility points * 100 for a percentage. e.g. Keyword A is ranked #1 and the #1 position has a CTR of 33% vs. the total available CTR of 100%, therefore the Visibility Score is 33/100 * 100 or 33. The average is calculated for all keyword positions for all keywords within the selected kluster to arrive at an overall Visibility Score.

The Visibility Score is meant to be a "relative" measure of organic search visibility and should be used as a comparative between two time periods or versus competitors. 

Note: gShift offers a Default set of Click Through Rates, however custom CTR sets can be created on a client-by-client basis, as required. This can be configured through the Client Settings area. Click here to learn more.

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