How to Pause a Keyword

Pausing keywords stops gShift from collecting new data for them. No search result collection is performed on paused keywords and they will not count towards any views or reports.

Resuming (un-pausing) these keywords will continue the auditing process and data will re-appear in Beacons, Reports and Panels. 

Follow the steps below to Pause a keyword:

  1. Login to gShift and Navigate to the Web Presence with keywords you would like to pause. 
  2. Go to Keywords > Manage > All Keywords.
  3. Select the Keywords you would like to pause by checking the boxes next to them. 
  4. Click Change and then Pause. 
  5. Confirm you would like to Pause the keywords. 
  6. Success! The selected keywords are now paused. Paused keywords can be found under the status "Paused" and are also identified by the pause icon  beside them. 


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